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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

100 AED

Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 4 hrs
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Dubai

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Jet Ski Tour offers you a great opportunity to have thrilling water adventure with modern jets drifting on the warm water of blue waters of Dubai.The tour lasts for almost half a day that you will spend in the wettest and wildest manner while skiing on the water with water jets. The blue, warm water of Dubai is an ideal location for water sports activities while the sun shines over your heads and water shimmers under the hot sun. This tour features immense pleasure, adventure, and fun for both the water sports experts and beginners. It’s really a time to enjoy Dubai’s waterfront sport activities while getting on a jet ski. You will get an opportunity to cruise by Al Mamzar or chase after some friends on the water jets. You will be provided with safety equipment,including safety jacket.

Tour’s Program

Pick Up from your hotel/accommodation
Head Towards Jet Ski Spot
Drop Off your hotel
Tour Operation: Daily
Duration:4 hrs
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