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Hatta Mountain

98 AED

Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 9 hrs
Maximum number of people: Unlimited

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Hatta Mountain Trekking Tour offers a unique opportunity to explore two starkly contrasting landscapes and experiences. Our journey begins with an action packed dune drive in the desert before heading towards the magnificent mountains of Hatta. At Hatta we take this opportunity to explore the local heritage village and the Portuguese Fort, which was built in the 16th century in the rugged Hajjar Mountains and a popular vacation getaway from the heat of Dubai. The tour takes you to Hatta highway a road route to Oman for about 45 minutes passing by local shops and small houses. We stop at the Friday Market where local shops sell fresh local fruits, pots and carpets. Its authentic Arabic heritage village featuring two military towers from the 18th century, an old Juma mosque (1780), and 30 loame houses is worth visiting. After which we embark on a thrilling drive through wadis-ancient dried up rivers to reach the cool mountain pools while taking photographs of the big red Hajjar Mountains.

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