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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

155 AED

Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 4 hrs
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Dubai

You are booking for Dune Buggy Safari Sharing Seat

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Dune Buggy Safari Sharing Seat Tour is one of the best adventure tour promising extremely thrilling experience. This Dune Buggy adventure in the desert of Dubai features two seat buggy drive that you can can share with your loved ones or one of the fellow tourists in the group. This dune buggy is an especially designed desert vehicle that can easily negotiate with dunes in the desert. This kind of vehicle is also used on beaches and other desert-related recreational activities across the globe. Equipped with large wheels and wide tires, this dune buggy tour is highly safe and extremely enjoyable at a reasonable price that you can easily afford to enjoy this desert motor sports experience. Offering a unique and exciting dimension to off-road exploring motor experience,  Dune Buggy Safari Sharing Seat Tour gives you the ultimate thrill of driving in the desert dunes of Dubai. You will be provided with necessary safety gear before you commence your dune buggy ride. A full roll cage, bucket seats and full safety harnesses will form the safety equipment for this Dune Buggy Safari Sharing Seat Tour. You will also be provided with soft drinks and water. Our technical staff will be trailing you to ensure that you Dune Buggy is running smoothly.

Tour’s Program

Pick-up from your hotel / accommodation
Drive to the desert as final destination
Drive Desert Dune Buggy
Drop-off in Dubai
Pick-up time: 8:00 am till 12 pm
Drop-off Time: 12:00 pm to 6 pm
Operation timings: Daily
Duration: 3 hours almost
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