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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

163 AED

Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 1 hr
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Dubai

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Burj Khalifa Sky At the Top Tour will be a historic tour to one of the glorious skyscraper landmark in the modern world. Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, features a unique experience of sightseeing. Surrounded by majestic shopping malls, luxury hotels, entertainment house, Burj Khalifa Sky At the Top Tour offers astounding views of deserts, ocean, landmarks, architecture, beauty, and towers.

We will pick you up from your hotel/accommodation and head towards the gigantic modern architecture, Burj khalifa located in the centre of Dubai.
You will also have an interesting presentation showcasing Dubai’s astounding history and the story of building Burj Al Khalifa.

As you will find yourself at the highest outdoor observatory of this tallest Burj, you will be overwhelmed to feel something that you never can imagine without going to to top level, 148th story, through a high-speed elevator galloping all level of floors in less than a minute.This tour will provide you an opportunity to have a 360-degree view of the beautiful scenes below.You can zoom in on the buildings you want to see with the help of highly efficient, accurate and high-powered telescopes installed for this purpose at the 148th floor of Burk Al Khalifa. You can entertain yourself and grasp the gravity of an unprecedented event of excitement and adventure for thirty minutes.

Tour’s Program

Level 148 – the highest outdoor observation deck
Fast track access via a dedicated express elevator
Refreshments At The Top SKY
Souvenirs available at the SKY Boutique
Days of operation: Daily
Departure/Duration: Morning / Evening
Tour Time: 30 minutes
Visit At the Top Burj Khalifa
One Way Transfer
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